Trio Rio
Mickey Mikesell


Rosary 4:44 (Mickey Mikesell) Playwrite Music /ASCAP

     Ronnie Glover - Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

     Don Paddock - Bass, Backing Vocals

     Ron Rutowski - Fiddle, Strings, Backing Vocals

     Ken Skaggs - Pedal Steel



Rosary  -  Mickey Mikesell 


Her name was Rosary

Just like the Holy Beads

Just like a voice in me howlin’ at the moon

Just like a window shade on a hot and sultry day

Opening and closing according to her mood



I hate to say I have to say good-bye now

That’s word I sometimes use too soon

I hate to say I have to say good-bye now

A crazy way to end an afternoon


My name was almost gone

Not quite there and on the run

Afraid of all the things I did and the things I did not do

She wore a dress of white on a darkened day with a face so bright

Somehow it improved my sight, blind like love will do




So we lay in sin once again 

In a motel room where the walls close in

It seem I find a wicked smile in damn near everything

But it’s white stripes and it’s tail lights and Jesus Christ ain't it cold tonight

The old highway’s breathing harmony to the songs I love to sing