1. The Funeral

From the recording Tequila Sunsets

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The Funeral 3:43 (Ronnie Glover, Ed Toaspern, Chance Phillips) Playwrite Music / Take It Low Music /ASCAP
      Ronnie Glover - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals                                        
      Don Paddock - Bass, Backing Vocals
      Ron Rutowski - Fiddle,  Backing Vocals
      Ken Skaggs - Pedal Steel
      Nils Lofgren - Accordian
      Clarke Rigsby - Baritone Guitar
      Sean Paddock - Drums


The Funeral - Ronnie Glover, Chance Phillips & Ed Toaspern
Dust from the shovel
Backlit by the sun
Standing in silence
Another life done
A fistful of earth
Dropped in to a hole
Broken hearts weeping
Another gone soul
We think of the family
We gather the friends
We question the answers
A bouquet of loose ends
Faith keeps hope alive
The hope that we’re all hoping for
Love lives, love gives
Reality creeps through the door
Repeat Chorus
Gray skies and dark suits
Black limousines
Plans interrupted 
An end to the means
We raise up our glasses
To the memory we toast
Beginnings and endings
Chiseled in stone